NEARLY ME ® Breast Forms are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights to meet the varying needs of today’s mastectomees. To make it easier to view our wide array of products, we have divided the forms by weight and then by style. In this way you can easily find the product category that best suits you and your customer’s needs.

Lightweight Silicone Breast Forms

Lightweight silicone breast forms are 20 to 25% lighter in weight than standard silicone. As we know, our bodies change as we age and mastectomees are no exception. The natural breast can change density with weight gain or weight loss or other natural aging. These forms were developed to offer a lighter weight alternative to the heavier standard weight forms while still matching the contours of the natural breast.

  • Lighter in weight for women who have lost denseness in their natural breast yet still maintain the natural shape.
  • Soft, comfortable and perfect for women who need weight but not like a standard weight form.
  • Available in beige and soft sable skin tones in 7 styles

#245 NEARLY ME LITES® Full Oval

#265 NEARLY ME LITES® Full Triangle

#385 NEARLY ME LITES® Semi-Full Triangle

#765 NEARLY ME LITES® Modified Triangle

#775 NEARLY ME LITES® Tapered Oval

#785 NEARLY ME LITES® Tapered Triangle

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