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UPDATE: We are happy to announce that Nearly Me will be offering online training and classes in the near future. In the meantime, unfortunately, we are having to cancel and/or postpone our regularly scheduled classes. Please contact Karen Wilson (contact info below) for more information or for any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for you patience and understanding. We look forward to this new venture and opportunity to be able to reach out to more current and future mastectomy fitters.

Entry Level, Intermediate, and Advanced Mastectomy Fitting Training

2016 Schedule for Mastectomy Fitting Schools

Date Location Course
March 16 Waco, TX Entry Level with Model
March 17 Waco, TX Advanced with Model  CANCELED
April 20 Wichita, KS Entry Level with Model
April 21 Wichita, KS Intermediate with Model
May 18 Philadelphia, PA Entry Level with Model
May 19 Philadelphia, PA Intermediate with Model
June 15 Chicago, IL Entry Level with Model
June 16 Chicago, IL Intermediate with Model
August TBA TBA
August TBA TBA
September TBA TBA
September TBA TBA
October TBA TBA
October TBA TBA
November TBA TBA
November TBA TBA

2016 NEARLY ME® Mastectomy Product
Continuing Education Programs




One Day Entry Level School for Mastectomy Fitter Certification

  • Standard school schedule (pre-arranged)

  • At retail location (in-house)

7.25 Category I

8.00 Category II
(7 Scientific & 1 Business)

Intermediate Course on How to Fit Mastectomy Products with Model

5.5 Category I
6.5 Category I

5.5 Scientific Category I
6.5 Scientific Category I

Comprehensive one day sizing and fitting training with multiple patient workshops (6 hours)

  • At retail location

5.75 Category I
.25 Category II

6.5 Scientific Category I

Basic Sizing and Fitting Training (4 hours)

  • At retail location

2.75 Category I
.25 Category II

3.5 Scientific Category I

How to Size and Fit Breast Forms and Bras Video (DVD/CD) (20 Minutes)

  • At retail location

2.0 Category I

2.0 Scientific Category I

Advanced Course “Fitting the Easy & Difficult Mastectomy Patient” with Model

6.0 Category I
6.5 Category I

6.5 Scientific Category I
7.0 Scientific Category I

2016 Trade Show Schedule




Feb. 2-4, 2016

Hanger Education Fair

Las Vegas, NV

Apr. 4-6, 2016

International Lingerie Show

Las Vegas, NV

July 6-8, 2016

AABCP Mastectomy Summit

Dallas, TX

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